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What is Sciatica? What causes it, and how can you fix it?

Sciatica, often described as a pain/tingling/burning/numbing sensation that travels from the low back and/or buttock region down the back of the leg,  is an indication or symptom that something is putting undo pressure on your sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is one of the largest nerves in your body – about the size of your little finger. It starts in your low back and travels through the buttocks, down the back of your legs to your toes. It carries both sensory impulses (pain, temperature, pressure, etc.) and motor impulses (muscle control).
Sciatica is common and generally responds very well to chiropractic treatment. It is most frequently caused by misaligned vertebrae in the lower back, compressing the “root” of the sciatic nerve. In addition, a muscle in the buttock region called the piriformis muscle can put pressure on the nerve and cause the uncomfortable symptoms to arise.
Less frequent is sciatica that is caused by a disc herniation. A chiropractic physician should always perform a thorough physical examination to determine if a disc herniation may be the cause of the sciatica. Other less common causes of sciatica include arthritis, tumors, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies, pregnancy, and sitting on a thick wallet.
Sciatica can be aggravated by poor posture (while driving, sitting, sleeping, etc.) and repetitive stress, such as working on a production line. Sciatica is rarely caused by trauma.
Chiropractic adjustments and therapeutic massage are two of the best forms of treatment for sciatica. Other ways to help and improve your sciatica symptoms are:
1.      Eating a healthy diet
2.      Maintain a healthy weight
3.      Regular exercise
4.      Proper posture
5.      Avoid prolonged inactivity and/or bed rest
6.      Use proper lifting techniques
7.      Strengthen your core muscles

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Wonderful to work with. I felt taken care of, safe and relaxed. I highly recommend them!


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They gave me an appointment that worked with my schedule, tailored the massage to my specific issue, were extremely professional and knowledgeable, and the price was very reasonable. My doctor recommended I go to them. Even though it was a bit of a drive, it was completely worth it and I will be back again next week.


We get massages in our office and love the professionalism and talent of this team. Would highly recommend!


I was in a car accident when I was three months pregnant six years ago, my doctor recommended me going to therapeutic massage. I have been going there regularly ever since and love it!


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Jess, did an amazing job on me. I am in no pain today thank you to him he knew how to handle the pain I was in. I would give him a 10+.

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Jess was the best therapist I have ever seen! Easy to book, very affordable, and great service!

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Love this charming little Massage Studio! They have several therapists that excel in different modalities, so be sure to tell them what you like so they match you up with the therapist best suited to you – that way you will have a fabulous experience!

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