Float Therapy

Achieving The Theta State Bliss Through Float Therapy

Achieving The Theta State Bliss Through Float Therapy

Have you ever wondered what happens in your brain when you’re in that state of utter calmness? Get ready to embark on a journey through the intricate workings of your mind as we demystify the Theta State in a way that’s easy to grasp. 

What is the Theta State? 

Imagine reclining in a comfy armchair, sipping a warm cup of tea, and feeling all your worries melt away. That’s precisely the essence of the Theta State—a state of mind where your brain embraces serenity and lets go of stress. It’s like a mental oasis, allowing you to unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Brainwave Symphony: 

To understand the Theta State, we need to dive into the captivating world of brainwave frequencies quickly. Think of them as different channels on your favorite radio station, each broadcasting a unique vibe. These frequencies—measured in Hertz (Hz)—reveal the tempo at which your brain is operating.

When you’re fully awake and alert, your brain dances to the lively beats of the Beta frequency (around 12-30 Hz). It’s the go-getter state, perfect for tackling tasks, engaging in conversations, and devouring that morning coffee. But as the day winds down and relaxation creeps in, your brain changes its tune.

The Theta Rhythm

Enter the Theta frequency, the smooth jazz of brainwaves, operating at a slower 4-8 Hz tempo. It’s like a gentle lullaby that ushers you into deep relaxation. During the Theta State, your mind drifts into a dreamy realm characterized by vivid imagery, creativity, and profound tranquility.

Theta State in Action

Have you ever experienced those moments when you’re daydreaming, lost in thought, or caught up in a captivating movie? Congratulations! You’ve entered the Theta State, my friend. It’s a fascinating state of mind where you feel relaxed, open to new ideas, and more receptive to positive suggestions.

The Floating Experience: Imagine yourself lying weightlessly in a specially designed float tank, embraced by warm water infused with Epsom salts, allowing you to float effortlessly. The float tank provides a serene, cocoon-like environment, isolating you from external distractions. This unique setting sets the stage for sensory deprivation and opens the door to the Theta State.

Sensory Deprivation: The Gateway to Theta State

In our daily lives, our senses are constantly bombarded by stimuli, from the sights and sounds around us to the touch of objects and the taste of food. However, in the float tank, sensory deprivation comes into play. By minimizing external sensory input, the float tank creates a tranquil sanctuary where your senses can take a break.

Reduced External Stimulation

Inside the float tank, the environment is carefully controlled to reduce external stimulation. The water’s temperature matches your body’s warmth, promoting a sense of comfort and relaxation. The tank is typically soundproofed to minimize auditory distractions, and the interior lighting is dimmed or completely darkened to reduce visual stimuli.

The Theta State Unveiled

As you float weightlessly in the peaceful isolation of the tank, something remarkable begins to happen within your brain. Without external sensory input and a calm, serene environment, your brainwaves naturally slow down and transition into the Theta frequency range (around 4-8 Hz). This is the gateway to the Theta State.

The Theta State’s Calming Effects

Once you enter the Theta State, your body and mind experience deep relaxation and tranquility. It’s like being gently carried away on a cloud of serenity. In this state, you may feel a sense of timelessness, a heightened connection to your inner self, and a release of physical and mental tension.

The Theta State’s Benefits:

Stress Reduction: The Theta State induced by floating and sensory deprivation triggers a relaxation response in your body, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. It allows your nervous system to enter a state of deep calmness, promoting overall well-being.

Enhanced Mindfulness: Theta State cultivates heightened awareness and mindfulness. With reduced external distractions, your focus turns inward, allowing you to observe your thoughts, emotions, and sensations with clarity and non-judgment.

Emotional Healing and Creativity: The Theta State is associated with emotional processing and creative insights. It can facilitate emotional healing by accessing more profound parts of your subconscious mind, helping you gain new perspectives and insights into your life experiences.

Deep Rest and Restoration: Floating and entering the Theta State can provide a profound sense of rest and rejuvenation. It allows your body and mind to enter a state of deep rest, promoting physical recovery and mental regeneration.

The Theta State and the Power of Silence: Tapping into Inner Peace and Profound Healing

Combining the Theta State and the benefits of silence creates a potent synergy that amplifies their transformative effects. As we enter the Theta State, guided by practices like meditation or float therapy, our brain waves slow down, allowing us to slip into deep relaxation and introspection. Simultaneously, silence envelops our surroundings, shielding us from the noise and distractions of the external world. 

In this harmonious union, silence acts as a catalyst, amplifying the Theta State’s ability to calm our minds, reduce stress, enhance mindfulness, foster creativity, and promote profound healing. The gentle whispers of silence guide us to the core of our being, where we can explore the depths of our thoughts, emotions, and dreams, ultimately finding solace, clarity, and a renewed sense of balance.

Theta Floating

You can unlock the gateway to the Theta State through floating and sensory deprivation—an oasis of relaxation, mindfulness, and creativity. Floating helps slow down your brainwaves and enables the Theta frequency to develop by providing an atmosphere that reduces external sensory input. When you reach this level of calm, you can benefit from various things, including stress reduction, increased awareness, emotional healing, and profound relaxation.


My massage with Faiva was amazing! I’ll be back again.

Crystal H

Massage Testimonial coming today 🙂

Tina C

I received the best massage I have ever had from Jess. Very pleased. Believe he will be able to help me with my pain issues.

Janet E

My neck feels so good! I don’t usually get headaches for very long but this one was over 24 hours and now I feel so loose and sooo good. I need to come in more often and bring my husband. Thank you Andrea!!

Kiana W

The team they have here is far best I’ve been to I would recommend anyone who is looking to feel better to stop in

Andrea C

Jess is exceptional. Best massage therapist, helping. Helping me recover from a car accident.

Jennifer W

everything was perfect! The service was great

Isaia H

I absolutely loved the float!!

Bethany S

Andrea is very good at her job. We were able to get a massage in a timely manner. 

Chris F
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