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Simple Ways to Stay Safe

Simple Ways to Stay Safe on the Roads this SummerSummertime is for relaxation, vacations, bar-b-ques, swimming pools, and watermelon. But the reality is, it doesn’t always end in bliss. Summertime is also the deadliest months of the year when it comes to travel. Why you might ask? For one, school is out and there are more teenage drivers and families on the road. So it’s no surprise that crashes nearly double between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend.1It is said that people typically take a lax approach to drive in the summertime due to the “cruise control” like conditions, i.e. clear skies and snow-less streets. Folks tend to pay more attention when there are obvious dangerous conditions–but perhaps the most dangerous condition of all is distracted drivers.

Just last year, there were 103 deaths within 100 days–94% of which were caused by human error.1

So how do we keep our families safe?

It starts with educating ourselves and teaching our teenage drivers about ways to prevent accidents.

Here are a few things to consider the next time you hit the road:

  1. Stay alert. Distracted drivers are the number one cause of accidents in the U.S. Typically the distraction is caused by the use of a cell phone. So don’t text while driving– this can’t be emphasized enough. At least 9 people are killed every day due to distracted driving.2 Teens are the largest age group in fatal accidents caused by distracted drivers. As a parent or guardian, don’t just teach your new driver about the importance of keeping your eyes on the road but lead by example.
  2. Keep your speed down. Traveling above the speed limit is tempting, especially when you’ve got places to go. But getting to your destination safely is better than being late. Driving fast gives you less time to reach in case you need to prevent an accident. Keep you and other drivers safe by obeying the speed limit.  
  3. Service your car regularly. We’ve all seen the remains of a tire blow out on the road, which is dangerous enough trying to avoid the mess. But it’s even more dangerous if you’re the one driving while the tire blows. Stay safe by checking your tires regularly

But there has to be something more, right?

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork wants to do more.

Saturday, June 29th, 2019, we are hosting a community event for parents and teens to learn how to stay safe during the deadliest days of Utah. By partnering with the American Red Cross, PGPD and Utah Highway Patrol, this event consists of informational dialogue to cover best practices and what to do immediately following an accident amongst other crucial pieces of information.

So, let’s keep talking. Let’s lookout for one another and for bikers in those pesky blind spots. We must have crucial conversations about distracted driving. We must take action and initiative to minimize the risk of fatal crashes and unnecessary deaths.

Learn more about our 100 Deadliest Days of Summer Event here.  And GET YOUR TICKET TODAY! It’s FREE and you’ll get a raffle ticket just for showing your ticket barcode at the desk.

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