140 S. Main Street, Suite #3, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

What to Expect

Our Commitment to Your Comfort

We want you to feel safe and comfortable while in our care, especially on your first visit. Everyone has their own level of comfort when it comes to massage and you can trust that we will work with you on your level. That means, if you prefer to stay dressed or even partially dressed during your massage, we’re more than happy to accommodate your requests.

Preparing for Your First Visit

  • Fill out the New Client Form or plan to arrive 5 minutes early to do so
  • If you’re being treated for an auto accident, fill out the Auto Accident Info form (or arrive 15 minutes early to do at time of appointment)
  • Bring your insurance information (if applicable)

Our Approach to Care

There are three main approaches to the services we provide:

Injury — This may require more than one visit and a variety of treatments. We’ll discuss this with you at time of visit and track progress along the way.

Maintenance — Once you’re to a point you and your body feel better, a regularly scheduled massage is recommended to keep you in your optimal state. (Read our blog to learn more.)

Self Care — Regular massage is great for your body and mind; it helps you deal with stress and anxiety and alleviate any discomfort associated with it.

There are also things that you can do at home to feel your best. Check out our blog to learn tips and tricks in order to keep your body and mind healthy.