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Pick a Treatment Approach

Choosing the right massage
depends on what you hope to achieve from it.

Relax & Re-energize

Massaging muscles can also improve overall mood and emotional well-being by releasing ‘feel good’ hormones that offer relief from depression, stress, and anxiety.

Prices start at $48/hour.

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Pain Relief & Recovery

Using a blend of modalities, our massage therapists will help your body recover faster from an injury, find relief from chronic pain, or achieve full range of motion.

Prices start at $48/hour.

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Advanced Therapies

Therapies provided by Massage Therapists with a minimum of 5 years experience. An initial Assessment is provided to Set Achievable Goals. Each session is custom tailored to meet Set Goals. Comprehensive service includes treatment plan, and specialized notes.

Prices start at $60/hour.

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What is the Cost of Massage?

One of the most important decisions & our client is the only one who can properly answer this. How frequently we recommend a client come in for treatment is greatly dependent on this.

Basic 3 Questions:

  1. What is the cost (price) per hour? $______
  2. What is the cost in time? (How much time am I willing to devote to receiving the work)
  3. What is the cost if I DON’T?

Once you’ve asked these three questions, you can find the compromise between them! Check back soon to read our upcoming Blog about the three main types of care, which can help you decide how much you need to receive!