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Pain Relief and Recovery

Choosing the right Pain Relief and Recovery massage
depends on what you hope to achieve from it.

Using a blend of modalities, our massage therapists will help your body recover faster from an injury, find relief from chronic pain, or achieve full range of motion.

Please start here if you have been in a recent Motor Vehicle Collision.

Modalities We Use


Ashiatsu is a barefoot massage that involves the therapist utilizing an overhead bar and their own body weight to monitor pressure applied when gliding over muscles. This stretching technique can help with those suffering pain as a result of soft-tissue damage, chronic shortened muscles or other chronic muscular disorders.

Therapists: Summer & Tyffani  *Sarah’s in training!*


Cupping Massage/ Myofascial Release

This traditional technique involves applying negative pressure on the skin with cups. We frequently combined the cupping technique with Myofascial release for optimal results. Cupping is proven to help with pain from tissue scarring, knots or swelling.

Therapists: Tyffani, Summer, Coro, Sarah


Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massages work on the sub-layer of musculature in the body and requires a therapist with an extensive understanding of anatomy and physiology. This modality is beneficial for those suffering from inflammation-related pain such as arthritis and tendinitis, as well as those undergoing injury rehabilitation.

Therapists: Coro, Karla, Leah, Sarah


Gua Sha

This technique involves specialized tools which glide along the surface of skin, gripping fascia in such a way our hands aren’t able to promote blood circulation while removing toxic heat, blood, and lymph from the body. Gua Sha means “to scrape toxins.”

Therapists: Tyffani


Lava Hot Stone

In this ancient technique, the therapist uses hot stones to apply kneading pressure to the muscles. This results in muscles loosening, improved circulation and relief of chronic pain.

Therapists: All of us!


Myofascial Release (MFR)

This modality aims to resolve tension in the fascial system, which is made up of fibrous connective tissue containing closely packed bundles of collagen fibers. Myofascial Release is beneficial for those with chronic pain conditions, neurological dysfunction, headaches and more.

Therapists: Coro, Karla, Summer, Tyffani


Trigger Point Therapy (TPT)

The goal of this treatment is to significantly reduce myofascial pain, achieved through a systematic approach including trigger point compression, myomassage, stretching and corrective exercising.

Therapists: Coro, Karla, Sarah, Summer

Whatever experience you’re looking for, our highly skilled massage therapists will help determine the best techniques to get the outcome you desire.

Our full 60-minute Pain Relief and Recovery massages start at $45–your health and happiness is worth every penny of it!

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