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If you’re being treated for pain from an auto accident, please also fill out this form.

Auto Accident Info  –It’s also a great resource to keep in your car, just in case you are ever in an accident!

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Have you recently been in an automobile collision? If you are already being treated by a physician or chiropractor, please contact us so we can send them an easy to complete prescription prior to your first visit with us. Then book your time below!


If you are not already being treated, and you need comprehensive care, we offer a variety of options. Our in house physician can provide the necessary primary care and referral base you’ll need for most effective recovery and insurance coverage. When we do this correctly, your medical costs are covered 100% If you prefer to see a physician outside of our clinic, and only receive Prescribed Therapeutic Massage in our clinic, please contact Michele 801-899-3904 to begin the process. Schedule today with Dr. McKinney below!