Float Therapy

Relief from Chronic Pain With Float Therapy

Relief from Chronic Pain With Float Therapy

For those struggling with acute or chronic pain, Floatation Therapy offers a unique relief solution free from Western pharmaceuticals’ adverse effects. Developed over 50 years ago, this method has been lauded for its ability to reduce physical discomfort through chemical reactions in the brain – specifically endorphins which are natural “feel-good” hormones and opioids used by our bodies as an endogenous form of pain mitigation. As such, it comes highly recommended as a holistic approach to addressing long-term pain issues alongside well-established fitness guidelines.


Treating Stress Triggered Pain

When dealing with acute or chronic pain, several effective therapies exist. From massage and physical rehabilitative care to ice baths or cryotherapy – the range is vast, but each may not provide an optimal solution for everyone’s individual needs.

Floatation therapy has been proven highly beneficial in managing tension-induced pains and promoting deep relaxation thanks to its noninvasive approach that supports skeletal health without any added discomfort from touch sensitivity. Consequently, it can be extremely helpful in improving blood flow throughout the body and expediting recovery time following injury.


Float Therapy and Chronic Pain Relief

Floatation REST (restricted environmental stimulation technique) therapy is a rising star in pain management. Below are the ways float therapy provides relief for chronic pain: 

  • It facilitates an effortless transition into meditation, enabling the brain to release endorphins and natural analgesics while enhancing moods through improved calmness and serenity that an individual can feel for days after each session. Breaking this cycle has become increasingly popular as an effective method for managing chronic or acute levels of discomfort.
  • A float or sensory deprivation tank provides a luxurious and therapeutic experience for the body. The mineral-rich solutions allow your frame to release from any strain, increasing circulation throughout and eliminating discomfort in moments.
  • The Epsom salts aid in cleansing muscles as they detoxify lactic acid while reducing inflammation – resulting in unparalleled rejuvenation!
  • Experiencing weightlessness and sensory deprivation in a float tank can benefit those suffering from back pain and chronic pain such as fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, migraines, or tendonitis.
  • This unique form of therapy has been studied extensively and proven to help stimulate the body’s natural healing capabilities while reducing discomfort associated with these conditions over time.
  • Floating is known to activate the reticular activating system, RAS, in the brain stem, which redirects focus away from external stimuli and towards internal stimulation by reducing sensations of being connected to one’s body.
  • It encourages relaxation and well-being by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system; this practice has been found effective for providing pain relief as it breaks cycles of chronic depression amongst those experiencing such symptoms while enabling improved healing processes.


The Fundamental Importance of Sleep for Pain Relief

While our brains are incredibly powerful machines, they require rest and recovery to function optimally. Unfortunately, a good night’s sleep doesn’t always come quickly. 

With this in mind, researchers have studied the effects of Floatation REST, discovering that it can provide remarkable results – providing one hour of floating is equivalent to four hours of deep, restful sleep! This allows us an opportunity for much-needed replenishment after incredibly taxing days or weeks. 

Relaxing in a float tank offers a remarkable brain experience, providing deep rest and relaxation. As neuroscience has studied further, we have begun to understand just how powerful this type of activity can be; by decreasing both mental and physical stress levels as well as increasing quality sleep cycles. 

With floating taking away all external stimulation, one’s recovery process from injury or pain is improved exponentially due to its ability to restore homeostasis, which allows us diurnal regulation – essential in achieving peace of mind.


In Summary

Floatation therapy offers an array of benefits to those struggling to relieve chronic pain. Not only does it reduce acute aches and pains naturally and effectively, but it provides a sense of relaxation and well-being that leaves participants feeling refreshed and rejuvenated without the need for drugs with potential side effects. 

The idea that we can use the power of our bodies to combat pain is undoubtedly worth considering if you are looking for an alternative solution to a persistent issue. It has proven successful in reducing pain levels over time, making floatation therapy a viable option for some seeking relief from chronic pain. With professional support and continued use, this method could ultimately lead to long-term success in achieving a better quality of life.


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everything was perfect! The service was great

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