2-Hour Package: Float + Massage



A sensory deprivation suite, also known as a floatation pool, is where the benefits and relief of float therapy happens. It is simple.

Our suite is quite vast and you can stand inside comfortably until you are ready to float; our suite contains an 8’ by 9’ pool of sterile water at a comfortable temperature, between 94-96 degrees, saturated with medical-grade Epsom salts. The high concentration of salt ensures that any person can float on the water.

It is referred to as a sensory deprivation pool because is it a quiet suite where light and sound are subdued for total relaxation. You will simply wash off body products and natural oils in the adjacent shower, then enter the pool and gently lie on your back and just relax. You can breathe easily as there is plenty of oxygen, the suite is equipped with an air circulation/ ventilation system. You will experience weightlessness, comfort, and freedom.

We provide the most comfortable experience possible, including luxurious towels and body products to use following your float session. You can relax and enjoy your 60-minute float session, with variety of music to choose from including guided meditation or sensory deprivation approaches. We have considered everything, including a specialized pillow to support your neck while floating, gentle earplugs for those who need them, protection for temporary and semi-permanent hair colors, and distilled water wash for eyes and ears if needed.  Our float room is cozy and private, so you can escape the world for a little while!

After you float, our licensed massage therapist will custom-tailor a 60-minute therapeutic massage to ease your pain, and help you return to your best self!