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Can You Still Experience Neck Pain 2 Years After Car Accident?

Can You Still Experience Neck Pain 2 Years After Car Accident?

One of the most frequent complaints following a car accident is neck pain. While some people feel discomfort for a short while, others do so for the rest of their life. The length depends on the severity of injuries sustained in an automobile collision. In the long term, the prognosis for neck pain after an untreated car accident can be poor. Patients may still have pain years later. One study examined results five years later and discovered that over 50% of individuals were still experiencing pain and disability.


How a Car Accident Hurts Your Neck

The neck pain you feel after a car accident typically won’t resolve quickly without treatment. When people talk about the symptoms they experience following a vehicle crash, neck aches often top the list.

Whiplash is the medical term for soft tissue damage to the spine that occurs discomfort during an accident. The neck’s muscles, joints, nerves, intervertebral discs, and ligaments get stretched too quickly back and forth, causing pain and discomfort. The severity may change according to the occupant’s sitting posture, the angle of their face, and the force of the accident.

A whiplash injury feels quite similar to a strained or sprained neck. However, whiplash symptoms typically persist for longer than other neck injuries without treatment.

Whiplash pain can be intense and responds favorably when treated by a chiropractor. People with whiplash injuries may find it difficult to sleep because their entire central nervous system is alert from the neck and spinal cord discomfort following the injury. You may become worn out due to muscle spasms and would benefit greatly from seeing a chiropractor.


How Long Neck Pain Can Last After an Accident

Due to the complexity of the situation, there is no simple solution. The severity of the crash, presence or absence of other injuries (such as to the back or head), and prior diagnosis of whiplash are all variables to consider.

In most situations, however, the neck pain experienced after a car accident may subside after a few days to a few weeks. However, in some cases, you might still feel neck pain up to two years after a car accident. Severe injuries to the neck, usually from car accidents, may take significantly longer to heal or cause more permanent damage.

A sudden, severe blow to the neck can cause disc herniation, whiplash, damaged blood vessels, broken vertebrae, and even permanent paralysis in the worst cases.

After a car crash, it’s wise to get examined by a medical professional to determine the severity of the injuries. If the neck pain persists more than a few days after a car accident, it could mean that you need additional testing to determine the severity of the damage to your spine.


Neck Injuries With Long-Term Effects

Patients with chronic neck injury symptoms are typical. Many do not seek medical assistance for neck issues after vehicle accidents because they believe the symptoms are not severe enough.

Even modest neck injuries can result in long-term discomfort, headaches, and other symptoms if not treated properly. An injury to the neck, usually from a car accident, can have serious consequences.

Sprain or strain of the neck

This soft tissue injury occurs when the ligaments are strained or torn. A muscle or tendon that has been strained has been damaged. Such an event may result from a minor automobile crash or a sudden injury sustained during physical exercise.


Crick in the neck

They are also known as muscular and tendon stiffness, resulting from either an uncomfortable movement or long neck immobility (like sleeping awkwardly overnight).


A herniated disc

They are caused by a rupture in a spinal disc, allowing the disc’s soft, jellylike center to protrude outside the disc. While wear and tear are the most prevalent causes of herniated discs, car accidents and falls can also lead to the condition.


A pinched nerve

It occurs when an object, including bone, tissue, or tendons, presses against a nerve and causes discomfort. Muscle spasms or misaligned vertebrae are common causes of this problem.


A broken neck or cervical spine fracture 

A medical emergency that you should treat quickly because of the severity of the injury.


The most common symptom of a neck fracture is severe neck discomfort, followed by persistent headaches. When neck pains last longer than three months after a car accident, patients also have an increased risk of developing psychological complications, including depression. Therefore, getting treatments immediately and employing a car accident chiropractor’s service is advisable.


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