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Massage Therapy Techniques For Whiplash

Massage Therapy Techniques For Whiplash

Anyone who has ever suffered from a whiplash injury knows it is a severe condition to deal with. It can cause extreme stiffness in the neck and shoulder areas, headaches, and discomfort when trying to do even the simplest tasks.

Many people with this neck injury wonder if massage therapy for whiplash would be beneficial to help alleviate some of their pain symptoms. 

As it turns out, massage can be a great way to manage the aches associated with whiplash. By loosening tight muscles and increasing blood circulation in the neck and shoulders, massage techniques for whiplash can offer some much-needed relief. However, always check with your doctor before you get a massage, as it might not be suitable depending on the type of injury you have sustained.


How Massage Can Help Whiplash

Massage therapy is known to be highly beneficial for those suffering from whiplash. The optimal choice for recovery is a combination of proven and appropriate therapeutic techniques along with experience. We have found that the best benefit is a treatment that includes passive care combined with active care. 

Active care includes various manual therapy techniques and exercises. We will list some techniques below. You might think active care is only physical treatment, not massage therapy. Good joint mobility is needed to perform therapeutic exercises, so utilizing massage techniques first is recommended.

By applying pressure and heat to the affected area, muscles can become relaxed, reduce pain, and increase movement. Massage can also reduce swelling and calm any discomfort with whiplash.

In addition to working on the symptoms of whiplash directly, massage stimulates your body’s natural processes to help heal the underlying cause of the injury. Massage should always be performed by a qualified massage therapist who precisely knows how to work with patients suffering from whiplash. Whether you have had the painful condition for a long time or it is relatively new, massage therapy has many potential benefits!


Best Massage Modalities For Whiplash

You may wonder what type of massage is best for whiplash, depending on the type and severity of the injury. Several modalities can be used, including: 

  • Myofascial Release – Myofascial release techniques help restore fluidity and relieve stiffness by freeing the restricted neck muscle and fascia.  
  • Static Compression – When applied to the affected trigger points, it increases the oxygen, which relaxes the strained muscles.
  • Deep Tissue Massage – Deep tissue massage loosens adhesions, scar tissue, and contracted deep fascia after the strained muscles are relaxed.
  • Trigger Point Therapy – Addresses the painful knots/points that restrict the range of motion. Pressure is applied to the trigger point to release the knot and improve comfort.
  • Cross Fiber Friction – This technique involves working across the fibers of the muscles to help release tightness. It uses stretching to realign fibers and break up adhesions. 

Depending on the stage of the injury, whether chronic, acute, sub-acute, or rehabilitative, a combination of appropriate modalities can be used. 

Due to the delicacy of the neck, massage therapists and body workers always proceed with caution when treating a whiplash injury. Some guidelines we recommend following are: 

  1. To ensure the initial healing process is not interrupted, wait a few days after the accident before beginning massage treatment.
  2. Be careful not to apply too much pressure to your neck since the anterior neck muscles are generally injured.
  3. Be gentle enough to avoid any further discomfort that the client is already experiencing.
  4. A doctor should always be consulted to determine if there is a concussion, fracture, or disc injury before administering massage therapy.


Massage therapy helps to improve circulation in the area, which accelerates healing time by increasing blood flow to facilitate faster recovery. Not only does massage provide short-term pain relief, but it can help to heal whiplash injuries.

Massage is suitable for everyone, so next time you experience whiplash or other kinds of muscle strain and spasms, think about how massage can help!

If you’re suffering from whiplash after an auto injury, don’t wait longer to seek the care you need. Our skilled chiropractors in Pleasant Grove, UT, specialize in treating whiplash and can provide you with the relief you deserve.

Take the first step towards healing and contact us today to schedule your appointment with our experienced chiropractors. We’re committed to helping you return to your best self and live pain-free lives. Don’t let whiplash control your life any longer – let us help you on the road to recovery.


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