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Lymphatic System

Lymphatic Massage: What & Why


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The Immune system is our body’s primary source of protection against illness; the lymphatic system is the foundation of our immune system. Assisting our bodies in lymphatic drainage is the key to prevention of disease; it is also rejuvenating for our bodies. This can be accomplished with a special massage sequence of advanced techniques that boost the lymphatic system, allowing it to flush/ release metabolic wastes and low grade toxins more effectively.

What and where is the lymphatic system? The lymphatic system is a complex network of vessels, tissue, and organs. We have lymph nodes, veins and capillaries; the spleen, tonsils, and thymus are composed primarily of lymphatic tissue. Our body has between 500 and 700 lymph nodes, most of which are in the abdominal cavity; surrounding the intestinal tract, organs, and deep to the spine. We also have lymph nodes in our neck, armpits, groin, breast tissue, with a few in our knees and elbows.  These nodes are both superficial and deep; they can vary in size from that of a sesame seed to that of an olive; they are either in clusters or chains.

The lymph nodes house lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, of which we have trillions. Lymphocytes are a main source of defense against bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, and infections; lymph nodes filter out the “bad guys’. Our lungs, urinary system, and dermis of skin are densely packed with vessels containing lymphocytes. The largest immunological organ in your body is our intestine, with 70- 80% of all antibody producing cells located in your digestive system.

The lymph system is very slow, it is pumped by muscle contraction and deep breathing only! Because our society doesn’t move on a regular basis, our exercise is scheduled or sporadic, we’re not growing as much of our food or carrying our water,  and we live with modern conveniences with sedentary lifestyles, our lymphatic system is not supported the way we need it to be. Additionally, we have environmental pollution which burdens our immune system.

A life with lessened activity combined with a greater number of chemicals, which are difficult to metabolize, and high levels of stress leads to more lymphatic congestion and an impaired immune system.

Studies have now found correlation between immune system function and: asthma, endocrine disorders, allergic reactions, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and autoimmune diseases caused by environmental exposures. Organizations such as: NIEHS, the US Environmental Protection Agency and Stanford University of Medicine are earnestly studying the lymphatic system, and how we can support it. A World Health Organization report states, “more than 33% of diseases in children age 5 and younger result from environmental exposures, with risk factors related to air and water pollution, pesticides, and contaminants in the diet.”

The mighty power and energy of the Colorado River carved out the Grand Canyon! This flowing river is clear, beautiful, and healthy. Like a river, the lymphatic system must flow freely to keep the body in a clean, healthy, and beautiful state. When the lymphatic system stops flowing freely, a buildup of metabolic wastes and environmental toxins results; a condition that promotes disease. When the lymphatic system is flowing in full force, you can expect crystal clear thoughts and seemingly unlimited energy for healing and vitality.

By: Stephanie

(One of our amazing & highly qualified LMTs)



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