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Holiday Massage Gift Cards 2021 Have Arrived

Holiday Massage Gift Cards 2021 Have Arrived

A spa massage is a wonderful Christmas present for many reasons. As a matter of fact, a wonderful present to anyone who appreciates a nice massage. Friends, family members, or coworkers may all benefit from this gift. To recognize staff, or even as a thank-you present for business partners.

Purchase a gift card and get a bonus of up to $125.

You can get a Holiday Bonus on your Gift Card Purchase from December 14th through December 18th!


Purchase a Floatation-REST Gift Card

Float Certificates are available in office, or via phone 801-899-3904. Phone orders will be mailed USPS Standard postage.

Other delivery methods available for $15 shipping & handling fee per order. Valid use for Dec 25 – March 28, 2022.

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Other Gift Ideas

Buying presents for loved ones has never been easier thanks to our convenient service! To really wow, bundle a gift card from our selection with a decadent bath bomb gift set. Purchase something and slip the receipt into the recipient’s stocking.

We’d be happy to help you in any way we can! You will just need their name and email address, or their physical address. We will send you a “bcc” email or provide you with a tracking number so that you may monitor the progress of your order.


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I received the best massage I have ever had from Jess. Very pleased. Believe he will be able to help me with my pain issues.

Janet E

My neck feels so good! I don’t usually get headaches for very long but this one was over 24 hours and now I feel so loose and sooo good. I need to come in more often and bring my husband. Thank you Andrea!!

Kiana W

The team they have here is far best I’ve been to I would recommend anyone who is looking to feel better to stop in

Andrea C

Jess is exceptional. Best massage therapist, helping. Helping me recover from a car accident.

Jennifer W

everything was perfect! The service was great

Isaia H

I absolutely loved the float!!

Bethany S

Andrea is very good at her job. We were able to get a massage in a timely manner. 

Chris F

Andrea is the best – attentive, caring, and versatile with styles and techniques she knows how to find the knots and work with the body to help alleviate the tension

John E

I LOVE all the staff 🙂

Becky T