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The Ultimate Guide to Your First Float Tank Therapy Session: Tips to Maximize Your Experience

The Ultimate Guide to Your First Float Tank Therapy Session: Tips to Maximize Your Experience

Float tank therapy can be an incredibly beneficial experience, but it can also be a bit overwhelming if you’re not prepared. The sensory deprivation experience, where you’re surrounded by darkness and silence, can be disorienting for some people. That’s why it’s essential to take some time to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the experience.

By preparing yourself, you’ll be able to fully relax and reap the benefits of float tank therapy, which can include reduced stress, pain relief, and mental clarity. In this blog, you will learn all the dos and don’t of the float therapy session. 

So, take some time to get ready, and you’ll have a tremendous first float tank therapy session!

What Not To Do: Pre-Float Therapy

Shower before your session

It’s important to shower before your session to remove any oils, lotions, or other products from your skin or hair that could contaminate the water in the tank. Use unscented soap and shampoo to avoid any strong fragrances.


Avoid caffeine or any stimulant drinks

Avoid consuming caffeine before your session, as it can make relaxing harder and may interfere with the sensory deprivation experience.


Eat a light meal

It’s best to eat a light meal before your session, as a heavy meal can make it harder to relax and may cause discomfort while floating.


Avoid shaving

You should avoid shaving on the day of your session, as any minor cuts or nicks could irritate the salt water in the tank.


Don’t wear contact lenses

It’s best to avoid wearing contact lenses in the tank, as salt water can irritate your eyes. If you need corrective lenses, wear your glasses instead.


Use the restroom

Make sure to use the restroom before your session to avoid any interruptions during your float. 


Avoid consuming excessive amounts of fluids

It’s important to avoid drinking too much before your float therapy session. These sessions can last for an hour or even longer, and excessive drinking can cause you to become distracted by the need to use the restroom during your session. 



It’s advisable to avoid smoking before your float therapy session. Smoking can have adverse effects on your respiratory system and may interfere with the relaxation and mental clarity that you may experience during your session. Additionally, smoking can cause unpleasant smells and odors that may disrupt your sensory deprivation experience.


No newly-dyed  or treated hair

You should refrain from floating if you have colored your hair within the past seven days. Hair dye has the potential to transfer to the float room, and it’s important to wait at least 7-10 days after coloring your hair before your float therapy session to prevent any unwanted transfer.


Artificial tanning products

It’s recommended that you avoid using artificial tanning products before your float therapy session. These products can contaminate the float tank’s saltwater, leading to discoloration and potentially damaging the filtration system. It’s best to wait until after your float therapy session to use these products to avoid any complications or issues.


Taking and expecting calls

It’s important to avoid taking calls during your float therapy session. Float therapy aims to achieve deep relaxation and sensory deprivation, and taking calls can distract you from this experience. Additionally, expecting receiving calls during your session can cause anxiety and prevent you from fully letting go and enjoying the benefits of float therapy. It’s best to turn off your phone or leave it outside of the float room to ensure a peaceful and uninterrupted session.


Pre-float Preparations that are Helpful to Know


What to Wear

One common question about float therapy is what to wear during their sessions. Since float therapy is a completely private experience, you can wear a bathing suit if you prefer. However, remember that any clothing or material pressing against your skin can be a distraction during your float. For this reason, many people choose not to wear any clothing to fully immerse themselves in the sensory deprivation experience.


We provide all the necessary amenities for your float therapy session. In your private room, you will find a tray on the bench with essential items such as earplugs, face wipes, and a plant-based Vaseline substitute. The earplugs are particularly useful in preventing saltwater from entering your ears, while the face wipes can be used to remove makeup. The non-petroleum jelly is also available to protect any cuts or scrapes that may be sensitive to salt water.


Ensuring that your body and hair are clean and free from any lotions, hair products, deodorants, and perfumes is crucial in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for everyone. Before your float, you must shower using only shampoo and shower gel. Please avoid using conditioner during your pre-shower as it can leave oils in the tank. This step helps in keeping the solution pristine and ensuring a positive experience for all.

Shower Temperature

To ensure your comfort during your float, the temperature in the float tank is set to match your body temperature. Therefore, it is recommended to take a shower at a neutral temperature before your session. Taking a hot or cold shower can affect your body temperature, which may increase the time it takes for you to adjust to the temperature of the tank.

Drying Up After the Shower

It is recommended to dry your face and hairline well before entering the float tank, even though you will be getting wet again. A wet face can be distracting and itchy as the water moves or evaporates. Minimizing touching of the face is also advised.

Float Tank Door

You have complete control over your float tank experience. You can choose to keep the door open or closed during your session. However, keep in mind that this may cause some warmth to escape. Remember, the choice is yours, and you have complete autonomy over your float experience.


Tips to Get the Most of the Float Experience

Now that we have covered some things to do and avoid before your float therapy session let’s focus on some of the things you should do and expect to get the best possible experience.

Make enough time

It’s important to set aside enough time for your float therapy session, as well as for preparation and integration afterward. To ensure that you get the most out of your experience, it’s recommended that you spare at least an extra hour on top of the actual session time. This will allow you to properly prepare yourself before entering the float pod, and also give you some quiet time to reflect and integrate the experience afterward.

Prepare and relax your mind before entering the float pod

Preparing and relaxing your mind before entering the float pod is crucial for getting the most out of your float therapy session. It’s important to take some time to quiet your mind and let go of any stress or anxiety that you may be feeling. Consider taking a few deep breaths or practicing some mindfulness techniques to help you relax and focus.


Anticipate a period of adjustment or acclimation

It’s important to remember that there may be a settling-in period during your first float tank therapy session. Floating is a unique and unfamiliar experience for many people, and it can take some time to get acclimated to the environment and sensations. You may initially feel disoriented or unsure, but don’t worry – this is entirely normal. Try to relax and allow yourself to adjust to the experience.

You may experience panic or discomfort during your float therapy session, especially if it’s your first time. If this happens, try to remain calm and focus on your breathing. Remember that these sensations are a normal part of the process as your body adjusts to the environment and learns to let go.


Come in without expectations

It’s important to keep in mind that relaxation may not come immediately during your first float therapy session. It typically takes at least 20 minutes for your muscles and mind to fully relax and slow down. Don’t become stressed if you don’t immediately feel the effects of the float, as it may take time for your body and mind to adjust to the experience. It’s also worth noting that many people find it helpful to have several float sessions within a month before fully appreciating the profound benefits of floating.


Key Takeaway 

To maximize the benefits of float tank therapy and achieve a truly transformative experience, adequately preparing yourself is essential. By investing some time and effort in prepping yourself, you can fully unwind and immerse yourself in the tank’s calming and rejuvenating environment. Not only can this help reduce stress and provide pain relief, but it can also enhance your mental clarity and focus.

Once you’re inside the float tank, let go and fully surrender to the experience. Focus on your breathing and let your thoughts come and go without judgment. Trust the process, and remember that the more you prepare yourself before the session, the more profound and transformative the results will likely be.


Man, this place is great! Rylan was so professional and skilled and I appreciated his genuine care and calm demeanor.

This was my first 90-minute massage and I don’t think I can ever go back.

Philip C

My massage with Faiva was amazing! I’ll be back again.

Crystal H

Massage Testimonial coming today 🙂

Tina C

I received the best massage I have ever had from Jess. Very pleased. Believe he will be able to help me with my pain issues.

Janet E

My neck feels so good! I don’t usually get headaches for very long but this one was over 24 hours and now I feel so loose and sooo good. I need to come in more often and bring my husband. Thank you Andrea!!

Kiana W

The team they have here is far best I’ve been to I would recommend anyone who is looking to feel better to stop in

Andrea C

Jess is exceptional. Best massage therapist, helping. Helping me recover from a car accident.

Jennifer W

everything was perfect! The service was great

Isaia H

I absolutely loved the float!!

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