Chiropractors are Primary Care Physicians

Chiropractors are Primary Care Physicians

When should I see a Chiropractic Physician instead of my Medical Doctor? And why?

We find that our clients are often confused about what our Chiropractic Physicians do, and don’t fully understand how they can utilize the services we provide at Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. As such, we hope to provide clarity and direction so you can live life more fully!

Chiropractors are primary care doctors much like a medical doctor, and some Chiropractic schools emphasize traditional medical care more than others. The primary difference in exam/ evaluation is the Doctor’s focus on biomechanics and physiology of the neck, spine, muscles, soft tissues, and  extremity joints of the body; they are especially trained in related disorders of your nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems.

The specialty of a Primary Care style Chiropractic Physician is to identify the cause of the problem and correct it so you might naturally return to a state of balance and health. And, when it is not so simple, we are trained to change course and help you to identify a specialist or therapy which will resolve the core issue. I has been the experience of Dr. Bob Lindberg in over 30 years of practice that, “often it is in a person’s best interest to see their Primary Care Chiropractic Physician first, where they can be diagnosed and treated or referred to the proper specialist quickly; saving time, money, and unnecessary suffering.”

You will save time, money, and unnecessary suffering.

Our in-house physicians are especially good at establishing treatment plans which are successful in resolving neck pain, back pain, low back pain, sciatica, headaches, numbness and tingling in your arms and legs, shoulder pain, foot and ankle pain, neurological issues, and muscle tightness and pain. Our physicians are highly trained at diagnosing these types of problems and recognizing what types of therapies work best to resolve them. We are practiced at referring out to the appropriate specialists when needed, and most importantly we can immediately treat the source of most problems, whereas traditional medicine protocol is to prescribe symptom relieving medications that don’t resolve the problem.

Dr Bob and Dr Johnson both agree with our goal at Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork: to change the way you experience life, maximize your time, money, and eliminate unnecessary suffering.

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I absolutely loved the float!!

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Andrea is the best – attentive, caring, and versatile with styles and techniques she knows how to find the knots and work with the body to help alleviate the tension

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I LOVE all the staff 🙂

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“I was able to stand right off the table!!” (something he hasn’t been able to do in a while)

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Andrea and Dr.Bob are amazing!

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You guys are always so professional and make me feel welcome and I leave feeling great!

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Dr. Bob is great with kids!

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Because the Chiropractic treatment I received was very informative and helpful

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