Dr. Bob Lindberg

Dr. Bob Lindberg



Activator Techniques
Trigger Point Therapy
Active Release Stretching
Lumbar Flexion Distraction


Dr Lindberg was very skilled in both his ability to communicate logically our injuries, knew the exact procedures for getting us immediate pain relief and realistic future assurance of our recovery. -Kristy

Dr. Bob received his undergraduate education at Idaho State University, and Graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in Houston Texas in 1989. He has been taking care of Utah residents ever since! Dr Lindberg had a successful practice in American Fork for over 30-years, and was heartbroken when the building was no longer available to lease quite abruptly. Many Utah County residents have been trying to track him down since! He is adored by many, and was honored as Chiropractor of the year in 2002 by the Master’s Circle, a national organization of dedicated Chiropractors.

Chiropractic Style

Dr. Bob specializes in the care of accident related injuries, and has extensive training in acute and chronic injury treatment. He is able and willing to adapt your treatment and adjustment to match your comfort level. He addresses restricted muscles, and trigger points prior to adjusting the area, which ensures your joints will move more easily. Dr Bob is quite the expert at "setting up" an adjustment - which also creates a perfect environment for your joints to fall back into correct positioning!

About Dr. Bob

When not treating patients, you can find Dr. Bob roaming the hills, carting his clubs, and traveling with his close family and friends. Raised in Idaho, you may also find him sneaking back for a visit some weekends!

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Gayle L

Professional and Dr’s attention to detail.

Katie R

Dr.Lindberg is always amazing!

Bailey S

I saw Dr. Bob on Tuesday and could barely walk afterward because of how badly I was injured. On Thursday, I got adjusted again and I’m feeling sooo much better Thursday through today (Saturday). I could go running or something! I’m so Happy!