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A letter to clients of CK Massage and Spa

We have a story that goes back 8 years

with CK Massage and Spa. Back to their beginning when they were Utah Valley Therapeutic Massage. The owner of their company and our founder served on the Utah College of Massage Therapy Board of Education, which served the purpose of reviewing all course changes and approving, or disapproving of those proposed changes. We were also asked to present on industry trends, and what was proving successful in the industry and what was an unsustainable trend. On many points, both Companies held a different opinion.

Weeks later, clients who had purchased Groupon vouchers for Utah Valley Therapeutic Massage would come to our Therapists, and present their voucher at the time of payment. This often resulted in an awkward exchange for our team, and a disappointing one for the client; they’d be paying for their Massage today (thankfully, our prices are low enough it wasn’t distressing).

We have been working alongside each other  in the same community to provide similar services for 8 years, and Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork knows without a doubt that there is room for both companies to be successful providing services to our local community! With their recent closing, we are at a loss. For words, and for our community.

We have been in Pleasant Grove and celebrating our 15th year in 2020! For that, we have been fortunate at some points, and strategic at every point. Our founder and team have learned many lessons along the way, and have improved with each mistake!

We understand the anger and frustration many are feeling, and we understand the difficulty of finding a new place to get massage therapy services where you can feel safe, comfortable, and where you get results from the session. We would like to make things a little easier for you, and perhaps salvage some of those lost funds. Some of you have groupon vouchers which may be worth nothing now, while others have hundreds of dollars in pre-paid services.

Here are the details for how we can help: 

Clients who have purchased a massage therapy service from CK Massage & Spa between Jan 1, 2019 – Sept 15, 2019:

  1. Schedule a Therapeutic Massage or Float REST Therapy Session with any of our LMT’s
  2. Present your voucher, or proof of purchase at the time of payment
  3. Our staff will Use a special account dedicated to clients of CK Massage and Spa which will pay for 48% of your session.
  4. You will pay the remaining amount of:
    1. 1-Hour Therapeutic Massage $27
    2. 90-min Therapeutic Massage $39
    3. 30-min Float REST Therapy $31
    4. 60-min Float REST Therapy $42

**Hot towels, essential oils, luxury tables and sheets, and skilled therapists included. No additional fees. No gimmicks.

Additionally, if you are a client who purchased a multi-session prepaid package, we will be collecting purchase receipts for those through Dec 15th 2019. On Dec 16th, we’ll determine allocation of funds to each client who lost out on their prepaids with CK Massage & Spa.

We have allocated $10,000 – a donation from our founder

to a special account just for these services. Our company’s mission is to provide high quality therapeutic massage services at an affordable price. Because our regular prices are most places’ sale prices, we don’t offer discounts. These donated funds will remain in the CK Massage Client’s account through March 31st 2020, at which point they may be re-allocated to a new charitable event.

A message from our founder:

“We all have a little good we can do. This is the way I can soften the impact of a crappy situation.”     — Warm Regards, Tyffani

If you know somebody who’s been affected by the closure of CK Massage and Spa, please pass this along to them. This may be their only way to continue getting the therapeutic services they need! 


The entire experience was highly professional. Equipment was easy to use and of high quality , linens were clean and fresh smelling, staff was polite and accommodating. The whole experience was restorative and healing physically and emotionally. Thank you!
Tiffany C.
Loved the salt float! Sara gave me an excellent massage, I had a lot pain when I came and felt a lot better when I left
Catherine K
Dr Johnson always gets me straightened out!
Open when I needed it and made me feel much better.
Dr. Johnson is very knowledgeable and always listens to our ailments and leaves me feeling better and more functioning.

I’ve enjoyed the chiropractor and massage services. The people were genuine and from my viewpoint well experienced.


Wonderful to work with. I felt taken care of, safe and relaxed. I highly recommend them!


As an endurance athlete, it’s always a challenge to find therapists who “get it” when it comes to the type of treatments that benefit athletic pursuit. I’ve had great results from this team and am always happy to recommend them!


They gave me an appointment that worked with my schedule, tailored the massage to my specific issue, were extremely professional and knowledgeable, and the price was very reasonable. My doctor recommended I go to them. Even though it was a bit of a drive, it was completely worth it and I will be back again next week.