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Meet The Team

At Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, we have an exceptional team of Licensed Massage Therapists (or LMTs.) Each of our therapists have extensive experience in the world of massage and have undergone various types of training and certifications to become masters of their craft.

Whatever experience you’re looking for, our highly skilled massage therapists will help determine the best techniques to get the outcome you desire.

Our full 60-minute massages start at $45–your health and happiness is worth every penny of it!

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Utah Massage Therapist, ElizabethElizabeth

Experience: A graduate of Utah School of Massage Therapy, is a Utah Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Integrative Therapeutic Massage. With an intuitive touch, Elizabeth has been improving the quality of life for her clients in the massage and spa industry since 2015.

Massage Style: Trained in a variety of massage and bodywork modalities, Elizabeth integrates advanced techniques tailoring each session to her clients specific needs. Her great respect for the medical benefits of massage, combined with her compassion for others, and intuition for healing, create a unique unprecedented therapeutic balance. Elizabeth’s not afraid to learn new things and look outside the box to provide her clients with the best care and long lasting results.

“As a massage therapist, I like to tailor each session to my client’s needs, combining deep focused work, acupressure, Swedish massage techniques and energy work for individualized results. I focus on addressing postural imbalances and overworked muscles to relieve aches and pains and achieve complete relaxation and rejuvenation. I enjoy the opportunities I have to educate my clients on how to listen to their bodies.”

More about Elizabeth: She’s has been married for 23 years to her high school sweetheart. She has 4 children ranging from 20 to 13 years in age and will be a grandma in 2018. She has many hobbies such as woodworking, painting, jewelry making, and designing crystal trees. Elizabeth enjoys camping and rock hounding with family in the summer.

Utah Massage Therapist, LeahLeah

Experience: Leah received her Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from BYU in 2014. She is a state licensed and nationally certified Licensed Athletic Trainer. She became an LMT through the Myotherapy College of Utah in 2015 and is a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Massage Style: Leah incorporates myofascial release, joint mobilization, deep tissue penetration, stretching, postural analysis and orthopedic testing in various combinations customized for each individual client to achieve the best possible results.

More about Leah: With a two-year-old boy and another boy on the way, Leah is constantly on her toes. Lucky for her, she’s used to being on her toes after 5 years of collegiate ballet. She stays active outside with running and hiking. When she’s home, she enjoys artisan bread baking and cooking.

Utah Massage Therapist, MicheleMichele

Michele is your “go to” whenever you have a question about scheduling, changing massage therapists, insurance billing/payment options, special offers, and coordinating care with other providers. She’s an amazing person who is available to take care of our clients.

Utah Massage Therapist, MeganMegan

Experience: Megan graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2005 and continued on to serve clientele as an LMT in high-end spas, gyms and medical offices. She has experience discovering the cause of repetitive-use injuries and treating tendinosis. She knows that finding the source of your pain is the most important part of treatment.

Massage Style: Megan strives to deliver her clients with a massage experience that is tailored to the needs of each individual. She provides massages that won’t just feel incredible, but that also improve bodily concerns with pain and overfull function. She works with a technique that utilizes deep pressure that doesn’t cause injury. She marries a go-to plan for evaluating a client’s body with her ability to allow a client’s muscles to “tell” her what they need to deliver the best possible result, providing a custom-tailored massage.

More about Megan: Megan has been married for eight years and has two beautiful daughters. When she isn’t working on improving the physical well-being of her clients, she enjoys doing crafts, cleaning and traveling.

Utah Massage Therapist, StephanieStephanie

Experience: Stephanie has been working as an LMT for more than 20 years! Her career began at the Institute for Holistic Studies in Santa Barbara, CA. She continued her education at Brenneke School of Massage in Seattle, AS, and attended continuing education trainings for Polarity Therapy, Reflexology and two types of Lymphatic Therapies. She has her AA in Holistic Studies and is currently working toward a Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Massage Style: Stephanie takes a “whole person” approach when working with clients, meaning she helps a client connect the physical self (Western philosophy) with the energetic self (Eastern philosophy.) Her most valuable asset is the ability to address the root of a problem without causing unnecessary pain or discomfort to the client. Using traditional massage techniques, Stephanie can address injuries, pain, anxiety/stress, pregnancy “ailments,” or provide oncology massage. She strives to improve mobility, immune function and energy levels while decreasing pain, intense headaches and bloating. The experience provides an overall improve in mood.

More about Stephanie: From southern California, Stephanie loves the beach. She has four boys and enjoys going to the spa in her free time.

Meet our Chiropractor

Utah Chiropractor, Dr. Grant NorrisDr. Grant Norris

Experience: Dr. Norris graduated Western States Chiropractic College in 2001. He practiced in California for a year before returning to Utah.

Chiropractic Style: Dr. Norris uses a Diversified Technique (or Full-Spine Specific), the most commonly used manual spinal manipulation technique and one that most patients will be familiar with. But it’s his genuine care for people that sets him and his care apart. His main goal is to help patients feel comfortable so they need his services a little as possible.

More about Dr. Norris: Dr. Norris was born in Utah but has lived in various places growing up including Washington, California and Chile. He and his wife live a busy life with their six kids; they enjoy music and movies together. And when he has free time he likes fishing, baseball, reading, and not surprisingly, anatomy.

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